What is Premier FMA?

 Pensacola’s ONLY location for training pure Filipino Martial Arts. We are the second chapter group for We are training the exact material taught by Paul Ingram at the Kali Center. Come on out I would LOVE to train with you. See you soon and stay safe.




 6PM – 7PM








Location and Pricing

 Deepwater Martial Arts


440 E Heinberg St. Pensacola,Fl 32502

 Eventually you will need a pair of NHL hockey gloves for sparring, as well as a rubber training knife( We use the Boker ones)


ANSI approved safety glasses are required for our training( Any auto store or Walmart has them for under $20)


$95 per month 


Meet Your Instructor

Greetings future KALI warriors! We begin all of our students with the rattan sticks the very first lesson, because Kali IS a weapons system. Very few styles or systems let students train with weapons in the beginning, most martial arts  styles reserve weapons for advanced students, if they even train with weapons at all.

Combining geometry with the weapon is the foundation of what we do, an area missing in some schools teaching Filipino Martial Arts elements.   Precise training of  footwork, coordinating the weapon with the footwork and moving  with pressure is what will train you to navigate the fight on any terrain and protect you from your opponent or attacker.

I am going to reference my teacher in the next sentence.

“Any opponent, any terrain, any condition.”- Paul Ingram, Kali Center.

That is  the mindset we will be achieving though the precise development of  skill.

If self defense is not your goal, KALI offers so much more!  Increase your athletic performance, fitness, overall health and well being. Attribute development and personal growth, the complex patterns we train will also be increasing your coordination and mental sharpness that will overflow into your everyday life. I would love to train with you and classes are SUPER AFFORDABLE!! See you soon.

- Will Renfroe


Feel free to ask questions. I’m also on Facebook and Instagram.

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